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Purpose to uncover and put in place best club practices as well as to secure the long term growth of TWGC! 
The Whistle has blown on all members to take an active part on the club's behalf!
With an initiative to evaluate existing club membership feedback & suggestions per club survey.  To outline possible enhancements/changes to club practices going forward. 
As well as to reach out to past members and seek their feedback & interest in rejoining the club.  And/or invite them to any 2014 events at hand. 
Which will be one of the main focuses on the Member Guest Day 2014 marketing campaign. 
TWGC Club Surveys will be kept on file in confidentiality and are listed below:  

TWGC Survey Ben Olk

TWGC Survey Jeff Holds

TWGC Survey Dan Grubb

TWGC Survey Chris Clarke

TWGC Survey Ed Schutter

TWGC Survey Ralph Schwartz

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